Opioid Addiction – The 80% Rule We Can Never Forget

I have poured over a great deal of data regarding the opioid crisis in this country and none of these facts and figures are particularly good or even encouraging. In fact, whether by coincidence or due to the fact that this is still such a one-sided battle, the 80% figure keeps popping up in a… Continue reading Opioid Addiction – The 80% Rule We Can Never Forget

Vivitrol – The Suboxone Substitute?

Is Vivitrol the game changer in the opioid epidemic so many have waiting for? A non-addictive medication that is more successful with less side affects than both suboxone and methadone? If so, why is the maker of this drug choosing to market it to lawmakers and directly to the public instead of to doctors? While… Continue reading Vivitrol – The Suboxone Substitute?

Dr Drew: “The Problem of our Time”

Dr Drew, an eloquent and learned spokesperson for the opioid crisis, recently spoke on KABC Radio about the severity of this problem we are facing in this country. In his message he talks about how the U.S. accounts for 80% of the world’s opioid drug use, but only has 5% of the world’s population. He… Continue reading Dr Drew: “The Problem of our Time”