Opioids Contributed to Carrie Fisher’s Death

This disease does not discriminate! Sex, race, net worth, social standing…it does not matter. No one is immune.

Yes, there are factors that can make one more susceptible to opioid addiction. Factors like sex; mental illness (which Carrie suffered from) genetics; service in the military (yes, veterans have a higher likelihood to become opioid addicts than those who have not served in the military); and other factors including peer pressure, family problems and social support. Although these factors can be considered risk factors leading to addiction, they are by no means necessary to be present in addicts.

This disease does not discriminate and neither should we. The stigma associated with these drugs; with this addiction and this disease needs to end. If Princess Leia can die with her opioids in her system, so can anyone else in this country.






One thought on “Opioids Contributed to Carrie Fisher’s Death

  1. Oddly, the disease does discriminate against me. No matter how hard opioids try, they just can’t get me addicted. Or alcohol. I will humbly confess my hypocrisy. I do have a slight caffeine dependence.

    Sometimes I feel like a broken record. But if we yield all of our power to a disease….that strips us of our responsibility and power. I don’t have this disease because I know my potential to get addicted is extremely high. I willingly choose not to take them, even when prescribed by a doctor (once). I’d rather feel the pain, then even start. I also have standing orders with my wife to forbid narcotics, even if I’m unconscious.

    I grew up on the good old fashioned “just say no.” Turns out to be really good advice. I’m glad I listened.

    I wonder if celebrities’ lives aren’t exciting enough? Maybe they feel cheated by the system? Maybe they feel oppressed? Maybe the pain of being rich and famous and loved is too much…

    I’m just intrigued. I will inevitably die of cancer. A disease I can’t refuse. A disease I can’t will away with my desire to live. A disease that isn’t prescribed, purchased, sold…. A disease that won’t go away because I can’t be physically restrained until the withdrawals pass…Sometimes I wish cancer was like an addiction disease. Wouldn’t that be something!

    “Lock me in this room. Do not let me out, no matter what I say. Check my vitals, monitor me, but don’t give me any more cancer. After you lock that door, do not answer my pleas for mercy. Once it passes, court order me into cancer rehab.”

    I did lie though…I’ve been high before. When I was born…at a rehab hospital. After that, my infant brain swore to never touch drugs again. And wouldn’t you know! Disease cured.

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