Vivitrol – The Suboxone Substitute?

Is Vivitrol the game changer in the opioid epidemic so many have waiting for? A non-addictive medication that is more successful with less side affects than both suboxone and methadone? If so, why is the maker of this drug choosing to market it to lawmakers and directly to the public instead of to doctors? While the drug is short on data demonstrating success, its use is rowing rapidly…partially fueled by Medicaid purchases. A key factor, as Medicaid often times falls short in the way of providing viable rehab options for addicts looking for recovery alternatives.


I promise a much more thorough look at Vivitrol in the near future. I am excited to learn more about this potential advancement in opioid addiction treatment, but the data I have seen, to date, leaves me no more than cautiously optimistic at the moment.

For those wanting some company sponsored info on Vivitrol, a link to the company’s website is below.





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